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Turkey Cuisine/Culture Presentation at HKBU

Posted on 19/3/2012

Turkey Cuisine/Culture Presentation at HKBU


March 19th Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre) has given a presentation on Turkish cuisine and Turkish culture in Hong Kong Baptist University with the contributions of Dr. Chan Sze Chi.

During the presentations PI’s sponsors also prepared “Ashura” a symbol dish in Turkey for dialog.

Students attended to the presentation had a chance to taste the authentic Turkish dessert while they listened detailed information about Turkey culture-today’s society from Mr. Mujdat Yelbay, the director.

PI was grateful to have this opportunity to present Turkish culture in HKBU. In this sense PI thanks to the students who attended, and appreciated to Dr. Chan for the opportunity.

19th March 2012, HKBU 

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