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Talk on Heritage of Dialogues between Islam and Confucianism

Posted on 16/01/2016

Talk on Heritage of Dialogues between Islam and Confucianism


Dialogue between Islam and Confucianism has history goes back to the earliest times of islam in China.

As a religion that has been revealed in an Arab Region, islam has expanded to the far points of the world and so to China in its 1st century. Islam reached to China trough silkroad by the (mostly) arab traiders and had welcomed by the Chinese People whom they were believing in non-theistic beliefs.

When islam’s arrival to China, islam had learned a lot by the faiths that generated societies’ cultural understanding. Confucianism and islam has a lot of examples in terms of cultural exhange and the dialogue in the history.

In his talk, Prof. Yao Ji De mentioned this historical ties between islam and Confucianism and how Hui Ethnicity has been generated. Please watch the very significant video below to learn more about it.

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