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Syrian Life Photo Exhibition

Posted on 2/6/2016

Syrian Life Photo Exhibition


It is a silent story for all of us. We see cries but do no hear it. Something made us deaf, something made us blind…

These are some ironic words of mine, but it is our cries.

Thanks Ms. Anneliese, A Syrian War Photo Journal by a female post-90s Hongkonger, a someone stood up and said “Enough” to all deaf ears.

She is now acting. She was saying;

“In front of those Syrian refugees, I represented only a human being. They need no donations, sympathy,volunteers or even a shelter. All they need is the right to be a human, to be treated fairly as a human.

Syrian War begun six years ago. It kept hundreds and thousands of refugees in danger. The globe including you and me should rethink how we treat them and how we see ourselves.”

She had taken their tragedy in her frames and brought to show it to our blind eyes.

She screened their lifes to help others together.

We, as the program sponsor, Pearl Institute, is thankful to her and her great efforts to make this happen.

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