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Misconceptions about Islam:

Peace, Violence and Global Politics

Posted on 23/4/2012

Misconceptions about Islam: Peace, Violence and Global Politics


Dr. Sophia Pandya from California State University came to gave her talks in Hong Kong. Her first talk was organized by Chinese Muslims Cultural Heritage Studies of Chinese University of Hong Kong University under Anthropology Department at Hong Kong Central Library. HK Chinese Muslim Cultural and Fraternal Association and Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre of Hong Kong also sponsored her talk.

In her talk she mentioned about the misconceptions about Islam in a global sight. She interpreted her researches and observations as an American on the Islam societies and Islam culture.

This dialog seminar was given by Dr. Pandya has found a great reflection from the audience. Islam and misconceptions as a hot topic of these days was also crucial to the Hong Kong dialog community in the sense of global politics as well.

We as PI would like to thank you to the audience all the organizers and Dr. Pandya for making this happen.

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