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Earthquake Struck Eastern Turkey & Helping Campaign

Posted on 23/10/2011

Earthquake Struck Eastern Turkey & Helping Campaign


At 23 October 2011, 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck eastern city of Turkey, Van. On October 30th Disasters and Emergency Situations Directorate AFAD of Turkey announced they stopped to search & rescue operations, since there is no hope after 1 week for the people stuck under the rubles. And at the same time AFAD said the death toll is 600,

and have 4152 injured left with a lot of collapsed buildings. Disaster left around 60.000 people homeless in this winter.

Turkey’s eastern part is a place winter is really though and since these people are homeless now they really need some help. Already a lot of country helped them, and of course there are any campaigns for these people. What we want to say is, we are not capable of to organize such campaigns but we want to give you one of the related organizations in Turkey and if you want to do something to those people, just go ahead and click the link below.

Kimse Yok Mu

*After you open the website, you will see the “Online Donations” button on the right, and after you click there you will see “Van/Turkey Earthquake” under “Domestic Campaigns”.

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