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“All are Caring” Kermes Campaing

Posted on 12/9/2014


With the words: “You will not attain righteousness till you spend in charity of the things you love.“(C3,V92), PI has attended kermis which aimed to help needy people in Gazza.

As targeted so far, PI has been donating the profits to whom in need anywhere in the world. This time, PI has attended to a Kermis organized by IUHK (Islamic Union of Hong Kong) to help people in Gazza.

The humanitarian tragedy is so obvious for the eyes of all. When the outbreaks of armed clashes between the governments start, the effects were mostly on citizens including women and children. Heavy weaponries are being used in Gazza and tens of thousands of people lost their home and their lifes.

Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre) has attended a Kermis, which could only made a few thousand profits, to reach those people in need. Even if the amount PI made so less, but it still does cover someone’s need. But there are still a large majority of Gazza People injured are women and kids. So it has been identified that their biggest needs are food and a shelter to keep them in outsider effects

Even though the profit we made in Kermis just can cover less number of people’s needs, but with your gentle donations it will worth a lot. So if you could not come to this “All are Caring ” kermis campaign, you can still consider the one whom far away from you;

The caring is never finish. If you miss this caring kermis program you can still do something.

– You can donate your amount through clicking here; KYM (Kimse Yok Mu? – One of the top relief organization in Turkey-) has online donation system. They are accepting donation from all over the world to reach those people whenever they need.

– Or you can transfer the money to ACDC’s bank account at 817 171556 001 or you can hand it to us at 909 CCWu Building, 302-    308 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

* If donations are made through direct bank deposit to our ACDC’s account, please email the deposit slip to us at or mail your original deposit slip to us and write down your name, contact phone number and mailing address. We will send you the offical reciept after we confirm your donation.

We appreciate & welcome you to participate to these unique caring operations.

* PI has supported Oxfam International, IUHK (Islamic Union of Hong Kong), People Suffered in Typhoon in Philippines and People in Syria so far by organizing these charity kermises. It has donated around 50.000 HKD so far.

* KYM has launched that with the support of thousands of people, they have brought items in an amount of 25 million USD so far. But people are there needs more in this sharp winter situation.

* You can find more detailed information about KYM in the links below;

* The profit made in Kermis (12 09 2014) and donations from society has been delivered to IUHK.

İf you need further information please contact us either on 2591 9125 or with Mr. Yelbay (Executive Director of PI) via

We appreciate & welcome you again to participate to these unique relief operations in the future.

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