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PI was at Hong Kong’s 8th Interfaith Celebration of Peace

Posted on 15/11/2014

PI was at Hong Kong’s 8th Interfaith Celebration of Peace


There is beauty in diversity and diversity in beauty. This beauty is further enhanced in the human experience if all people in the world agree to differ amicably with a sense of respect for different views, or more simply put, “agree to disagree.”

What a beautiful world that would be to live in. It may be said that the achievement of cultural and interfaith harmony begins with the necessary education that enables us to recognize that whatever differences there are, these must not cause divisions and unfounded suspicions.

Pudding differences are something to be embraced rather than feared; they give life a special richness that would be absent if everyone was the same. We are bound to recognize love as an ingredient for human tolerance and harmony like in the Noah’s Pudding. Unity of our differences makes our life delighted. No matter what shapes and tastes we have, the harmony of us brings to taste of delight. Like pieces in the Noah Pudding; releasing the taste while keeping the essence.

Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre) has attended Hong Kong’s 8th Interfaith Celebration of Peace (An Annual multi-religious event of spiritual nourishment) on 15th November. PI introduced Noah’s Pudding and its contributions to and similarities with interfaith dialogue.

PI served Noah Pudding and Turkish Coffee to the attendees of the event.

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