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Iftar Dinner with Pearl Family

Posted on 26/6/2016

Iftar Dinner with Pearl Family


The fasting that is carried out during Ramadan serves to limit the times for the intake of food, thus avoiding an overloading of the stomach, as well as avoiding those things that are harmful to both the body and soul; in addition one is able to ensure that one always stays within the parameters of what is permitted. People who undergo the Ramadan gain a disciplined spirit. Ramadan brings to each person who is able to benefit from it the status of a loyal servant. Each believer who fasts and who is able to discover the hidden meaning will not only be awarded with God’s blessing, but will also be loyal and virtuous in their dealings with their community.

Thus, we have been fasting as Pearl Family with this spirit for over 20 days. Today we have got the chance the break our fast and renew our understanding of fasting together with some of our board of directors and volunteers. We enjoyed our Family spirit and the lovely foods altogehter.

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