“World’s First Temple” Documentary Screened at PI

Posted on 21/11/2013


While challenging common beliefs on the history of civilization, Pearl Institute (formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre) screened a film, which took audience to 12.000 years back to Göbeklitepe, an archeological site recently found in SanliUrfa, Turkey.

It is a quite complicated issue of the archeologists that the uncertainty of the beginning of life and the life styles, believes of the humankind so far.

Science has been trying to figure out thousands possibilities on creation and history of the cosmos. It is not the only thing that science focused on the creation; it also has focused on the creator and the conscious of the people of their creator through faiths.

While the date and process of creation and the belief system of the people in the past keeps its uncertainty from the perspective of science, the documentary on “World’s First Temple” screened at PI gave us more clear ideas of the belief system from 10.000 years back.

Numbers of academicians and believers on different faiths participated to the documentary screening to have better understand of our past. After movie has screened, the participants had a discussion on the documentary and directed questions to each other.

The documentary criticized from the perspective of religions and science. All participants shared their thoughts on documentary and the realities they believe.

There was quite academic and tolerant discussion has had in the night. PI thanks all participants to take place in the night.

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