Dear Brother Mujdat and Ibrahim,

On Behalf of all the members of the group who came to Turkey at the kind invitation from Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre (Pearl Institute), I am writing to express our sincerest thanks to both Brother Mujdat and Brother Ibrahim as well as Anatolia for all the hospitality and generosity as well as their efforts in showing us what a beautiful and interesting country Turkey in today.

We have thoroughly enjoyed what we have seen and all the people we have met in Turkey, and it was a wonderful experience to visit and pray in so many large and inspiring mosques including the Blue Mosque.

We were also enthused by our visit to the primary school, the IPEK University, the TV station, the publishing company and Kimse Yok Mu.

We also like to thank all your sponsors for hosting us to delicious dinners in the evenings.

May Allah continue to bless you.


Azizul Rahman SUFFIAD, The Hon Mr Justice, Judge of the Court of First Instance of the High Court
Dear Muhammet Alper

I am one of the student of Putonghua class at Police Recreation Centre which you introduced the culture of your country on that day. Thank you very much for you devotion to the class.

Chinese New year is coming. I wish you and your wife a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Officer, Hong Kong Police Force
The Buddhistdoor.com team, the CBSAA, and the students of LCS would like to thank Mr. Mudjat Yelbay and the representatives of the ACDC for their invitation and hosting of our friendship dinner together.
Editorial, Buddhistdoor International
Dear Mujdat

On behalf of the Hong Kong Sacred Space Group i would like to thank you and the staff at ACDC for our wonderful dinner that night.

It was great to meet you all and get a chance to talk with you. I hope to schedule more events in the future!


Justin Santini, Hong Kong Sacred Space Interfaith Group