Talk on Francis of Assisi and Killed Friars in Morocco

Posted on 29/01/2016

Talk on Francis of Assisi and Killed Friars in Morocco


A writer said: When Francis heard of the death of the friars in Morocco, he said that now at least did he have true Friars Minor. Did Francis say so? What did it mean?

Francis had just tried to make peace with Malik al Kamil in Damietta on late 1219. His 1st Rule of the Order announced in Pentecost of 1221 requested friars not to confront directly to the Muslims. His 2nd Rule of the Order announced in 1223 requested the ministers grant permission only to those friars who seem to be fit to go to preach amongst Muslim. Did Francis change his attitude in dealing with Muslims?

How did Francis’ followers carry out Francis spirit in dealing with Muslims?

Brother Raymond Mary Yim, Yeung who is a living friar gave a details of the time happend in 12th century and took peace messages to be a sample to out time.

You can find the details of his speech and the asnwers of mentioned questions in the video below.

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