Stories of Syrian Refugees from A Photographer’s Frame

Posted on 10/10/2015

Stories of Syrian Refugees from A Photographer’s Frame


It is a fact that Syrian People has been facing world one of the biggest tragedy in human history. They had a life like others that full of hopes for the day after. One day something happened to the land and all dreams and hopes became nightmares.

Even though we all know the story, it is hard to understand them in a distance 5 thousand miles far from there.

We are living in a boat that carries us all. We are all neighbours of each other. More than that, we are all humans. Simply we all have rights to live in peace. How this will happen? How peace makers can stop this fire? First thing is that we must know the facts. We must know the ways to reach. We must know how to help.

As we said above, we all know something about them, but what about to here everything from a person that spend her 2 months among them just to screen their tragedy to the others just to lit a fire of compession and to built peace.

So we are welcoming you to hear real touching stories of people in suffer and welcoming to act for peace.

What will be in her presenation?

Sharing of the photos and the stories behind
Photos of:

-Refugee camp
-Refugee school
-The border
-Syrian families
-The kids

Explaining the situation of the war:

The reason why I started the trip
My experiences and feelings

Anneliese Wong, an independent photographer, traveller and writer. Born in 1992, she has been roaming Tibet, India, Nepal, Japan, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Yunnan…And also completed a cycling trip around Taiwan in the past years.

This year, she started her journey to Turkey alone with a mission, capturing the moments for the Syrians. She tries to see the truth, experience the reality by her own. What’s happening on the other side of the world? She wants to find the answer, but not the truth to be told by the media.

She also believes all human beings are equal. Even we are living in prosperity, we can never turn a blind eye to other global issues like the Syrian War. People there are, indeed, suffering in every second.

“I’m just a normal girl who loves traveling and taking photos. No trade, no profit, no political background. I just have to tell the truth.” She always says.

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