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Turkish Festival for Charity

Posted on 28/4/2013

Turkish Festival for Charity


Redolence of Anatolia, Hospitality of Hong Kong was represented in the Turkish Festival at ORSM Hong Kong on 28th April.

Since its establishment Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre) has been representative of peace and through various activities has been building bridges between people coming from different cultures and religious background.

From this regard, Pearl Institute has held its 2.Turkish Festival (Kermis) in ORSM Hong Kong. Through this event PI supported Hong Kong Organizations involving in efforts of contributing to local people.

The kermis started with opening speeches and reciting Quran by Imam. Later on some 10 booths opened to the public.

Each both represented particular Turkish cultre, from traditional Turkish drinks, and kebabs to souvenirs.

More than 200 people visited the kermis. People from different walks of life and nationalities enjoyed Turkish coffee, tea, hot ice cream, kebab, home made sweets. They also had chance to experience special art Ebru Marbling and shopped for Turkish goods.

At the end, PI had received lots of kind comments and appreciations for the event and all left with a new kermis wishes.

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