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Talk on Turkey & China Relations

Posted on 25/4/2015

Talk on Turkey & China Relations


Geographically and ideologically once very “far” two nations; Turkey and China started to come closer recently.

Last few years we have witnessed Turkey-China joint military exercise, Turkish interest for joining Shanghai Cooperation Organization,

the endless story of Turkish purchase of Chinese HQ-9 air defense missile system, and Turkish application to become a founding member of the Chinese led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

On the other side of the coin Turkey is regularly having tensions with China over the Uyghur issue. Moreover remembering Turkey is still a European Union member candidate, NATO member and a strong ally of US in the Middle East; Turkish endeavors for building a “strategic partnership” with China sounds even more interesting.

In his talk on 25 April, 2015, Mr. Soylemez discussed Turkey-China contemporary relations with overviewing the history and the recent developments of the bilateral relations.

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