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Talk on Media Globalisation with Its Causes and Effects

Posted on 10/1/2015

Talk on Media Globalisation with Its Causes and Effects


We live in an age that the media are central in our lives. The print, television, radio, film, Internet and digital technology are interwoven with our everyday lives. Access to media products from both local and international media is now at our fingertips with the ongoing innovations in media technologies. Behind our convenient access to global media content, there are debates concerning the concentration of global media conglomerates, the diminishing space for local and independent media production, the threat of cultural homogeneity and the extinction of local cultures.

In her talk on January 10, 2015, Dr. Tong introduced the latest landscape of the global media industries and discussed their relevance to local culture and the impact on media users.

She has provided proven tracks of records of the global media and their cause and effects.

The talk was well welcomed by the attendees. They have directed many questions to Dr Tong and got to know further details of the good-bad effects of the global media.

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