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Talk about Stories of Syrian Refugees from A Photographer’s Frame 

Posted on 10/10/2015

Talk about Stories of Syrian Refugees from A Photographer’s Frame


It is a fact that Syrian People has been facing world one of the biggest tragedy in human history. They had a life like others that full of hopes for the day after. One day something happened to the land and all dreams and hopes became nightmares.

Even though we all know the story basically, it is hard to understand them in a distance 5 thousand miles far from there.

We are living in a boat that carries us all. We are all neighbours of each other. More than that, we are all humans. Simply we all have rights to live in peace. How this will happen? How peace makers can stop this fire? First thing is that we must know the facts. We must know the ways to reach. We must know how to help.

Since the tragedy starts, we had heard plenty of stories through media but this time a photographer whom went there when she was 23 only. She went there to witness this tragedy and to lit a fire of compassion in the hearts of our people to help them.

On October 10, 2015 Ms Anneliese, a free lance photographer gave a talk on Syrian people and screened their tragedy. She has presented and introduced hundred of stories with its photos.

Ms. Anneliese, a voice of people in need, stayed in Turkey 2 months and is going to have an exhibition about this people soon.

As Pearl Institute (Formerly known as ACDC) we think that we must stand in unity and not lose our belief and trust in peace. We always believe a journey of a thousand miles begins with single step.

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