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Seminar on State Collapse and the Rise of the ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Posted on 9/12/2014

Seminar on State Collapse and the Rise of the ISIS in Syria and Iraq


The Arab Spring created a revolutionary setting in the whole region. People became the main actor of direct political change so far as to topple some of the authoritarian regimes

such as the Mubarak rule in Egypt. The literature on the Arab Spring unanimously argues that protests were spontaneous yet they were not with any Islamist characteristics.

Indeed, Islam as an Arabic word is “peace” in terminology. So how it becomes such a terrorist religion. How it directs its believers to kill innocent people while its banning people killing even an ant or mosquito. The problem for such kind of groups is “being politicize” in the name of any religion. The religion used as a tool to manipulate people in Arab region. The temper of the region increased by using religion to mobilize them and take under rules of tyrants of the region. The operator of such terrorist groups knows that the religions have been used as a tool throughout the history.

Mr. Gokhan Bacik is the vice-preseident of Ipek University and a leading intellectual of Turkey expressed more details in his seech jointly organized with Hong Kong Baptist University on 9th December 2014. You can find more information in the video below.

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