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Religion and Inter-religious Dialogue in Turkey

Posted on 7/10/2014

Religion and Inter-religious Dialogue in Turkey


Turkey is a country where it combines all at the same point. Where it represent the differences in one color.

There are thousands matters that we can give an example for this case. Religions harmony and the tolerance toward all individuals and groups is

one of the sign of this.

As a most democratic secular Islamic state, Turkey has become one of the shining star among Middle-East/Asia/European countries in the way its tolerance to all.

Professor Dr. Niyazi Öktem who is president of the Intercultural Dialogue Platform, the most prominent inter-faith organization in Turkey, has described the place of religion in Turkey. How it became such modern and tolerant country. How interreligious dialogue activities had a key role in this harmony.

We thank Mr Oktem to spare his valuable time for us on 7th of October 2014.

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