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Politics and Religion in Turkey

Posted on 22/11/2015

Politics and Religion in Turkey


In Turkey, a new era begun after Justice and Development Party’s third election victory in 2011. But in the shade of so called Arabian Spring, not only politicians, but also people in general have grown more divided by the pro-Islamist ideology. Ankara bombing which was ended hundred people’s life has revealed the deep divisions in Turkish society.

Mr. Fevzi Bilgin, founding president of Rethink Institute, a research organization based in Washington, DC., talked at PI (Formerly known as ACDC) on 21st November 2015. He mostly focused on the political and cultural realities that have been happing in Turkey and the conspiracies that might Turkey is on the way.

He enriched his talk with the stories both from Turkish History and it is presents days. He also compared the realities that are happening within and out of Turkey.

After his informative talk, Q & A session started. This session extended almost double time than his talk. Almost half of the speakers directed very critical questions to Mr. Bilgin and he explained all questions very detailly.

We sincerely thaks to Mr. Bilgin for times in Hong Kong.

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