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Pearl Institute “ Water Well ” Project in Benin

Posted on 7/6/2015

Pearl Institute “ Water Well ” Project in Benin


Dear Friends of Pearl Institute (Formerly knowns as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre)

As you know, water is essential to life. And yet, according to the researches, over 1 billion people around the world do not have access to clean water. Pearl Institute is hoping to change that for the residents of a town in Benin where hundreds of families are living without this very basic need.

Our latest fundraising initiative, in partnership with Kimse Yok Mu? —a non-profit organisation that provides humanitarian aid and disaster relief around the world — will help build several wells in Benin, benefiting hundreds of families across the region.

The first water well that will be built will be named “In Friendship of Turkey and Hong Kong” to make our friendship permanent and to show that people of both countries work together to spread peace in the world.

Help us bring this essential basic human need to the people of Benin and contribute this endless friendship. Give as little or as much as you can, every dollar counts in the goal to make safe drinking water a reality in this region. There are many ways to donate!

Click here where you can donate directly to our Bank Account. You may also go directly to the Kimse Yok mu? website where some ongoing projects are listed under “ Clean Water Projects.” You can also stop by our center during regular business hours (9 am – 7 pm / Mon – Sat) to make a donation in person by check or cash.

Unable to give money but would still like to help? We are always looking for volunteers to help us get the word out about our initiatives. Please share our donation link on your social media pages to give your friends and family an opportunity to learn about how they can participate in this worthy cause!

For more information on Kimse Yok mu?, or to see how your money will be used to directly benefit those in most need of safe, clean drinking water, click here. 

* Kimse Yok mu? initiated its “Water Wells” campaign in 2011. Since then, with the help of its volunteers and sponsors, 1710 water wells have been built as well as 282 of them that are still under construction in 19 country with little or no access to drinking water. These wells are currently functioning to help ease the difficulty of obtaining clean water for the locals in these regions.

Kimse Yok Mu is an international non profit humanitarian aid and development organization based in Turkey with 31 branches throughout the country which also provides humanitarian relief in over 113 countries, as well as having 220,000+ volunteers assisting its operations around the globe. Our organization focuses upon providing aid to those who are most in need at their most dire moments and we maintain a commitment to leaving a lasting impact upon those we assist.

KYM was established in 2002 as a Turkish humanitarian aid organization and was granted Public Interest Association status in 2006. KYM was awarded the Turkish Grand National Assembly Outstanding Service Award in 2008 and in 2010 KYM was granted United Nations ECOSOC Special Consultative Status.

KYM provides aid in a broad spectrum of areas through a multitude of programs and projects providing both immediate short-term assistance as well as long-term solutions. Some of the fields KYM is involved in are education, social services, medical services, housing, disaster relief, emergency response, sustainable development as well as providing food aid, basic necessities, and household goods.

KYM reached more than 200 thousand families in need inside Turkey and has also become a hope for other countries. Millions of people received help from KYM such as; in the last three years KYM drilled 1.622 water wells in 17 African countries and provided clean water to more than 3,5 million people.
Within the long-term orphan project we reached 59.564 orphans in 56 countries. We constructed and renovated tens of orphanages.

Since 2008 KYM runs cataract operations project in Sudan Darfur , Sudan Khartoum , Cameroon , Cad , Niger , Mali , Congo Rep, Democratic Congo , Burkina Faso , Pakistan , Nepal and and Nigeria. Since the beginning of this project 25577 people had cataract surgery.

KYM also stands next to those people who are in need in various countries by constructing 35 schools around the globe.

Within the long-term sustainable development project KYM also organized vocational training courses especially for vulnerable groups. In sustainable development project KYM constructed social complexes in disaster areas such as Kenya , Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia and construction of a town in Pakistan.

KYM has five diverse programs for being a leading non-governmental organization embracing human beings all over the world by meeting the basic needs of society in cooperation, solidarity and development with sustainable solutions. These are Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Aid, Educational Programs, Medical Assistance and Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

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