Project Description

Kermis For Victims in Coal Mine Disaster

in Turkey, and Flood in Bosnia and Serbia

Posted on 25/5/2014

Kermis For Victims in Coal Mine Disaster in Turkey, and Flood in Bosnia and Serbia


Turkish foods & Crafts have its fame in all around the world. Due to its unique taste & shapes it makes it one of the special one among cultures. As Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre(, we have been seeking opportunities to get involved in more activities to promote mutual understanding and closer relation between Hong Kong and Turkish Society.

As targeted so far, PI has been organizing some relief campaigns to give a hand those in trouble by donating the profits that they gain in the food selling bazaars. PI is inviting you to give a hand those in trouble in Soma/Turkey, Bosnia and Serbia.

What happened in Soma Mining Disaster?

On Tuesday, May 13th, a mining disaster claimed the lives of nearly 300 miners in Soma in Manisa, Turkey. According to news reports, the death toll is still rising. A fire in the mine caused the disaster. Efforts were made to save the victims, however only 88 have been rescued.

What happened in Bosnia and Serbia Floods?

Thousands had to leave their homes on Saturday, May 11th, when the worst flood in over 100 years hit Bosnia and Serbia. At least 35 people died from the flood and more than tens of thousands were left homeless. Thousands were evacuated but some are still trapped in their homes by the high waters.

The flood is threatening Serbia’s largest power plant in Belgrade. Volunteers from all over the country are desperately trying to protect the country’s largest source of electricity.

The flood has left thousands with no shelter, food, drinking water, or clothes. The people of the Balkans need your help.

With the words“It doesn’t suit you when you are full and your neighbor is hungry”, PI & KYM (Kimse Yok Mu? – One of the top relief organization in Turkey-)  are calling for your support the families affected by the Soma mining disaster and flood in Bosnia and Serbia by

 either visiting the booth at the kermis to buy something or making some donations through the methods below;

– You can come and buy some foods and goods at Kermis, which will be transferred to KYM

– You can donate your amount through clicking here;

– Or you can transfer the money to PI-ACDC’s bank account at 817 171556 001 or you can hand it to us at 909 CCWu Building, 302-    308 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

– Or you can hand the amount at the Kermis

        * If donations are made through direct bank deposit to our ACDC’s account, please email the deposit slip to us at or mail your original deposit slip to us and write down your name, contact phone number and mailing address. We will send you the official receipt after we confirm your donation. 

We appreciate & welcome you to participate to these unique relief operations. See you all there. 

* KYM has launched that with the support of thousands of people, they have brought items in an amount of 25 million USD so far. But people are there needs more in this hard situation.

* Here is the items what the KYM will bring depending of the victims in Soma, Bosnia and Serbia.

Food Reliefs





Baby Wipes


Liquid Soap




Dish Soap

Tomato Paste

Detergent Powder (For Hand Wash)


Soap Cubes

Milk Powder

 Winter Clothes



Haricot Beans




Distilled Water


Infant Formulas


* You can find more detailed information in the links below;





* All Arts & Crafts & Turkish Foods will be sold for Relief to victims in Soma, Bosnia and Serbia through Kimse Yok Mu? (Means – Anybody?…-) Relief Organization in Turkey.

İf you need further information please contact us at 2591 9125

Time: 25th May 2014 – Sunday – 11.00 am – 06.00 pm

Venue: East Island Market Place, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong SAR

Kimse Yok Mu is an international non profit humanitarian aid and development organization based in Turkey with 31 branches throughout the country which also provides humanitarian relief in over 113 countries, as well as having 220,000+ volunteers assisting its operations around the globe. Our organization focuses upon providing aid to those who are most in need at their most dire moments and we maintain a commitment to leaving a lasting impact upon those we assist.

KYM was established in 2002 as a Turkish humanitarian aid organization and was granted Public Interest Association status in 2006. KYM was awarded the Turkish Grand National Assembly Outstanding Service Award in 2008 and in 2010 KYM was granted United Nations ECOSOC Special Consultative Status.

KYM provides aid in a broad spectrum of areas through a multitude of programs and projects providing both immediate short-term assistance as well as long-term solutions. Some of the fields KYM is involved in are education, social services, medical services, housing, disaster relief, emergency response, sustainable development as well as providing food aid, basic necessities, and household goods.

KYM reached more than 200 thousand families in need inside Turkey and has also become a hope for other countries. Millions of people received help from KYM such as; in the last three years KYM drilled 1.622 water wells in 17 African countries and provided clean water to more than 3,5 million people.
Within the long-term orphan project we reached 59.564 orphans in 56 countries. We constructed and renovated tens of orphanages.

Since 2008 KYM runs cataract operations project in Sudan Darfur , Sudan Khartoum , Cameroon , Cad , Niger , Mali , Congo Rep, Democratic Congo , Burkina Faso , Pakistan , Nepal and and Nigeria. Since the beginning of this project 25577 people had cataract surgery.

KYM also stands next to those people who are in need in various countries by constructing 35 schools around the globe.

Within the long-term sustainable development project KYM also organized vocational training courses especially for vulnerable groups. In sustainable development project KYM constructed social complexes in disaster areas such as Kenya , Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia and construction of a town in Pakistan.

KYM has five diverse programs for being a leading non-governmental organization embracing human beings all over the world by meeting the basic needs of society in cooperation, solidarity and development with sustainable solutions. These are Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Aid, Educational Programs, Medical Assistance and Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

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