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Intercultural Dialogue Trip to Srilanka

Posted on 5/6/2015

Intercultural Dialogue Trip to Srilanka


Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre) gave a start to a new and remarkable project. As a centre that has been organising intercultural and interfaith trips to Turkey; It turned its wheal to other lands and cultures to explore, to contribute.

PI had its first intercultural trip to the country set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation. Our Executive Director Mr Mujdat Yelbay and a distinguished guest Mr. Raymond Lam, Buddhistdoor International, had an intercultural trip to Srilanka that a country has a history dating back to the birth of time, the place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes.

They had both joyful and spiritual journey throughout cities of the country. They have met the leading leaders of the Buddhism and Islam in the country.

Their journey started with visits to touristic places, then they moved to religious places of both religion. They end up with visits of several leaders of the communities.

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