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Hinduism and Interfaith Dialog Talk

Posted on 21/4/2012

Hinduism and Interfaith Dialog Talk


Prof. Ithamar Theodor who is a visiting scholar to the Department of Cultural & Religious Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong visited Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre) and gave a talk on his personal experience and studies during this week’s morning conversation series.

During the visit PI welcomed Prof. Ithamar Theodore and the interest from the audience was well enough to think there would be more of such talks.

Prof. Ithamar Theodor gave the speech about his personal experience starting from Germany to his origin Israel, which he is located at the University of Haifa currently, than his journey to the Hong Kong. Furthermore he explained his interactions with the Hinduism as a professor of Indian Religions and Culture. He kept explaining how he tried to build an interfaith dialog atmosphere and how he managed to do that so between the Judaism and Hinduism. He gave some insight about the Hinduism and it’s history. He also mentioned how he contributes to the Jewish-Hindu dialog among the society. He has successfully managed few works between Jewish and Hindu studies and looking forward to make any other intercultural and interfaith dialog opportunities which also pleased the community of PI. PI as located itself to a intercultural dialog bridge was very gald to listen Prof. Ithamar Theodor’s personal experience on the dialog efforts.

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