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Iftar with Friends from Media

Posted on 13/6/2016

Iftar with Friends from Media


A wise man said, “True comfort is freedom from the desires of the lower self! Your prison is your own lower self. As soon as you escape from it, you will live in the comfort of eternity.” In other words, what makes you free is the abundance of what imprisons you! Fasting is the method to free oneself from the tyranny of one’s lower self. The wisdom of the fasting month is that you do not fill your stomach with food, so you might see the light of “marifa” within yourself! To become the king of our own heart is the result of true fasting!

These are the words that we discussed with our friends from different media’s of Hong Kong on our 7th iftar gathering on 12 June 2016.

We both enjoyed our meal while we were feeding both our stomach and our soul. We laughed with the joy of the togetherness and we shared the food and we remembered people in need.

We sincerely thanks all of them for their attandance

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