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How can “We” Find Peaceful Coexistence?

Posted on 3/11/2012

How can “We” Find Peaceful Coexistence?


On November 3, one of the very important dialog panel held in Hong Kong University relating to peaceful coexistence between religions and humanities. At the panel many scholars and volunteers delivered their speech to have better mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.

The panel started by a presentation relating to relations of Islamic Culture of China and Turkey presented by Professor CF Lee, Chairman, Tung Lin Kok Yuen (Hong Kong). Following him Mr. Mujdat Yelbay, Director of Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialog Center) introduced their inter-cultural and inter-faith activities and mentioned about their goals.  Just after introduction of ACDC, Mehmet Soylemez -one of Phd Student at Baptist University- was asked to tell about  Gulen Movement, a social peace Movement and its contribution to intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

Afterwords, Ven. Dhammapala, Director of Buddhistdoor delivered his peaceful speech from the perspective of Buddhism. In his speech Prof. Dhammapala pointed out the similarities between Buddhism and Islam from the peaceful practices and importance of coexistence.

Later on, As “I am a student of Rumi” so called Dr. Tomas Lau explained “7 advise of Mevlana” which he had quite strong love of the poem in his heart.

As final speaker of the panel, one of visitor Dr. John shared his own Ramadan experiences during his trip in Turkey. Dr John made the guests laugh many times with his funny memories he told about his trip.

At the end of the panel Mr. Mujdat Yelbay received a very special gift by Professor CF Lee.

After panel all guests invited to have quite delicious and special Buddhist cuisine.

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