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Hosting HKUST at Istanbul for A Day

Posted on 5/5/2013

Hosting HKUST at Istanbul for A Day


On May 5, 2013, on a beautiful Sunday in Istanbul, Bosporus hosted distinguished guests from Hong Kong. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) delegation has visited Turkey for academic collaboration opportunities with leading Turkish Universities.

Thanks to Prof. Ali Beba for preparing this meaningful and fruitful visit. President Prof. Tony F. Chan, Vice-President Dr. Eden Y. Woon, Dean of Engineering Prof. Khaled Ben Letaief, Prof. David Zweig and Head of International Affairs and Marketing Ms Yvonne Lee were among the delegation.

Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre) organized a spectacular Istanbul setting for a day to the valuable guests. The day started with Bosporus cruise on a special yacht. It was not just a stunning Bosporus trip; it was also a meeting of some leading Turkish business people with HKUST delegation. Pearl Institute is more than happy to host academics and business people together in Istanbul.

The group followed the footsteps of Sultans in Eminonu Peninsula and reached their next stop: Galata Tower, which has its fame from “Hazerfan Ahmed Celebi” ,the first flying man from its balcony in the history. At the top of Galata Tower all group members felt like hearing Napoleon saying that ‘If the world was only one country in the world, İstanbul would be its capital’, due to its uniqueness and beauty.

The trip was a short one considering the time but very precious in meaning. Participants stated their appreciation to our center for organizing such trip. As PI we hope Istanbul has left unforgettable memories and delightful moments on our guests’ hearts and minds. And these will help building bridges between Turkey and Hong Kong.

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