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Global Developments and Turkey

Posted on 10/12/2014

Global Developments and Turkey


It is apparent that there are major debates going on across the world. However, apart from the fruitless debates in Turkey, the act of debating itself is about to become almost impossible. But as is the custom, Turkey is busy with missing out on

“great transformations in political history.” Turkey has plunged into a void and its descent will go on till hitting the bottom of that void. Regardless of which side or party they are from, “well-intentioned” people try hard to save the ship of Turkey which is falling into the void quite noisily. But their efforts do not even get recognized amidst a chaos.
Social ties getting severed

What most people do not recognize is: current events in Turkey sever social ties that are of vital importance to us. It’s impossible to mend these social ties in a short time. Thus “sharp pains” become unavoidable for all of us. One who has read a bit about political history would perceive all the signs foretelling imminent and serious troubles that lie ahead of Turkey.

Political fights have turned so vulgar that it began to break the country’s social bonds. Pains that go unrealized now amidst intensive violence will engulf all of us later overwhelmingly. There are important historians and social scientists in Turkey working at the international level. As a social scientist in his own right, I regret to write that: It’s possible now to assume probability of – even theoretically – “a kind of internal conflict” in Turkey after a long time. If current tensions go on for some more years, Turkey will virtually break up. In fact, all the psychological stages of disintegration have already been left behind. One can’t help but getting surprised at the current complacency of the people of this country, who saw “all the states they had established” throughout history destroyed. Turkey’s tension tolerance capacity being exceeded The events show that Turkey is heading for a crisis that exceeds its tension tolerance capacity.

Turkey needs “a little peace” urgently. In Turkey, Demirel built dams, Özal expanded telephone service, and Erdoğan introduced divided roads. But who established peace in Turkey? Or, who will secure a state of peace? We had built a country in which people have been living an unpeaceful life for generations. One fears things would come to a point “where words fail.” What will happen when words fail? Then violence, guns; in short, everything but words will come into play.

We should understand altogether that Turkey’s tension tolerance capacity is about to be exceeded. If things continue to go this way, “the fight for saving the country” will destroy the country itself.

Permanent damage

We have a political tradition that brought to ruin some states it had established, out of spite. No one can know what will happen next. But the process we are going through will leave a permanent mark on Turkey. What is meant by permanent mark? Sometimes it means loss of territory, sometimes a fight between two groups going on for generations. Just think; although many centuries have passed, Alevis still recoil at the mere mention of “Yavuz.” The Kurds in Turkey cringe at the mention of Diyarbakır Prison. These are called as permanent danger. To borrow a fashionable expression, there is so high a probability of upheaval that “there may be no such thing as Old Turkey left this time.”

We may be left with a new Turkey, but it’s utterly difficult to predict whether this is good or bad.

This article has been taken from Mr. Bacik’s article in Bugun News.

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