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 Gender Issues and Misconceptions

Posted on 24/4/2012

Gender Issues and Misconceptions


The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Cultural Heritage Studies of Anthropology Department and Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre) co-organized a talk by California State University’s Dr. Sophia Pandya.

The talk on women and Islam examined some of the common stereotypes people have about Muslim women, and the controversies regarding their roles in the world today. She also examined several relevant Qur’anic suras, in order to shed light on the debates surrounding the construction of gender and gender roles in Islam. How have Muslim women practiced and understood Islam? What are the various ways in which they have understood their position in Muslim society? We will also focus on current movements and trends in which Muslim women have become involved having to do with gender, identity, and the reinterpretation of religious texts.

This broad interpretation about Islam and gender issues gave a broad understanding to the audience. Among the audience including CUHK staff and students and some others from outside was very interested to the talk during the Q&A session.

PI thanks to everybody who made an effort to organize and attend to the seminar. Special thanks to Dr. Pandya for coming to Hong Kong for such fruitful trip for Hong Kongers.

24th April, New Asia Collage, CUHK

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