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Farewell Iftar Dinner to Ramadan

Posted on 30/6/2016

Farewell Iftar Dinner to Ramadan


Everything has and end. Like the beginning, it begins and end. This is the nature of everything. Today we have had one of the last iftar dinner with friends from different walks of life. We called this gathering is a farewell to Ramadan. A month that helped us to see the true face of favors, the value of which we are unaware.

As fasting community we understood the difficulties of who lives in poverty amongst riches. It was Ramadan that keeped us pleasures of eating until iftar, yet there is food in the home.

We understood that one drop of water or one crumb of bread is a bounty. We felt that ‘extra’ blessings like bread and water, are great blessings in reality.

Fasting is a form of prayer that helps us to understand what true thanksgiving to God is. So we are thankful to him for giving us this chance in this month of Ramadan again.

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