Project Description

Charity to Oxfam International

Posted on 27/3/2013


On 27th March 2013, Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre) Women handed the profit which was raised at Food Selling ” Kermis” event in East Island Market Place.

The members of Women’s society exchanged information about both organizations with Vicky NG, Donor Development Officer of Oxfam International. They also learned about the history of Oxfam and the ways to contribute to the services they provide to help people in need. Vicky NG stated her appreciation and thanked PI for the generous donation. It was also stated that the volunteers of Women’s society put their effort in the very best way to raise the money to donate.

As PI we’d love to thank the members of Women’s society for their kind donation and also effort to contribute to society we live in for better. We’d also like to thank Oxfam international for their organization.

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