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An Absolute Peace Message from PI & HKHTC

Posted on 14/12/2015

An Absolute Peace Message from PI & HKHTC


Since the dawn of time, people have sought to destroy each other, focussing on our differences instead of our similarities. Wars have been waged and genocides have been committed as we forget what binds us together; our shared humanity.

As wars continue to rage around the world, it is vitally important we learn the lessons of the past to create a better tomorrow.

As Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre) and Hong Kong Holocaust & Tolerance Centre, we jointly organised a talk followed by a  documentary “Turkish Passport” that tells a story of the victims of the Holocaust in Europe.

After the screening, Mr Ben, Director of Education at the Hong Kong Holocaust & Tolerance and the founder of From Yesterday for Tomorrow, discussed the lessons we could learn from the Holocaust and the importance of combatting all kinds of prejudice as well as the importance of dialogue to prevent such atrocities from happening again.

We sincerely thanks all attendees and wish an absolute peace to all humankind as Pearl Institute and Hong Kong Holocoust and Tolerance Centre.

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