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A Talk on A Journey from Local to Global and Back

Posted on 22/11/2014

A Talk on A Journey from Local to Global and Back


History is a guidance derived from the experiences of human kind. History had not recorded just to transfer their stories for the sake of knowledge. History recorded to enlighten the future of next generations.

There are stories in the history that give us sorrow while some of them makes us proud of them. There are also other stories that guide us to the future like a lighthouse in the sea.

Professor Yeung had lived one of this amazing life to be lighthouse of th next generations. His path started from his local street leaded him to the global squares of the world. Then he back to his life he left his foot prints to guide new generations.

Mr Yeung had a wonderful talk about his life at Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre) on 22nd of November 2014.

In his presentation he had followed his foot prints where he past. He had informed and embraced the audience with the examples from his life.

We sincerely thank to Professor Yue Man Yeung for his efforts to be lighthouse for the next generations.

Please click here to learn more about Professor Yue Man Yeung

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