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I Loved Serving Others – Ms Alima Tuet

Posted on 2/6/2016

I Loved Serving Others - Ms Alima Tuet


The real teachers [leading people] lead and guide the child [humanity] in his or her life and in the face of all events. A child
is cast in his or her true mould and attains to the mysteries of personality imagination and aspirations, or specific skills, everything acquired must be a guidance to the ways to virtue to connect happenings in the outer world to their inner experience. As intermediaries, teachers provide the link between life and the self find a way to the heart of the pupil and leave indelible imprints upon his or her mind. Teachers  provide good examples for their pupils and teach them the aims of the sciences through the refinement of their own minds.

Educating people is the most difficult task in life. In addition to setting a good example, teachers should know their students well, and address their intellects and their hearts, spirits, and feelings , not forgetting that each individual is a different ‘world’.

It is indeed, we all are the children of our previous generations. We born, we grow up, we get old; this mechanism never change our nature. We born as babies, raise as child and live as adults, but we can never leave our past in the past. This childhood (no matter how much we are successful or talented or perfect human beings) never ends until to the end.

This spirit both lead us to learn throughout the life and inspires us to feed the next generations of what we have. Our childhood never ends but it only shape to an elder version.

Ms. Alima Tuet whom she always seeked the knowledge until her retirement days and also never stopped being a teacher of what she had. She served with passion, she learned with passion.

She planted many young souls and prepare a garden of beauty for the future.

Ms. Alima Tuet, as a living history, talked at Pearl Institute and told us about his life frame and inspired all participants and renewed their passion once again.

Video will be uploaded soon..

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