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A Life of Dedication: Ms Alima Tuet

Posted on 20/04/2016

A Life of Dedication: Ms Alima Tuet


There are people among us that they dedicate themselves to make this world beautiful. They suffer, they bide under pressure of the life to prepare a better future.

They like seeds that stay in the darkness and coldness but then raise sedars . They are the builders of our society but always stay behind the doors.

Like roses, there are plenty of them, but all are unique.

We are grateful to their service, we are greatful their dedication.

We will be always with them, like they are always with us.

We will listen from them, like to act them.

We will learn from them, to be one of them.

Alima Tuet  MH  Hon.BSSc,HK  ALA,UK  Hon.Fellow, HKLA

She is a Hong Kong Chinese University graduate and a professional librarian.  As Chief Librarian in the Government, she served as the President of the Hong Kong Library Association during 1997-1999 and was entrusted to the making and commissioning of the Hong Kong Central Library in 2000.  She was Chief Librarian of Hong Kong Island and Hong Kong Central Library before retirement.

She used to serve as:

Part-time tutor in HKU SPACE

Member of Academic Committee for the Higher Diploma in Library and Information Management Programme, HKU SPACE

Mentor of Mentorship Program, Chung Chi College, CUHK

Member of Steering Committee on the Establishment of the University Gallery, CUHK

Currently she serves the following community services:

Vice Chairman, Hok Hoi Library

Member of University Archive Working Group, Chung Chi College, CUHK

Academic Advisor of the Center for Cultural Heritage Studies, Anthropology Department, CUHK

Member of Executive Committee & Chairman of Education Affairs Department,

the Chinese Muslim Cultural & Fraternal Association (CMCFA)

Coordinator of the Graduate Students Scholarship Programme in China, CMCFA

Advisor of the Pearl Institute and Anatolia Cultural Centre in Hong Kong

脫新範   MH   Hon.BSSc,HK  ALA,UK  Hon. Fellow, HKLA




HKU SPACE 圖書館及資訊管理高級文憑課程學術委員會委員









Date: 18 May 2016
Time: 7-9 pm
Venue: 909 CCWU Building, 302-308 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, HK
Admission: Free

Program Details:
– 7.00 Welcoming
– 7.10 Remarks by PI Exc. Dir.
– 7.15 Talk by Speaker
– 7.45 Q & A
– 8.00 Refreshment Service
– 8.45 Gift Ceramony and Closing Remarks

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