Documentary Screening

Posted on 1/11/2014

“NOT MY LIFE” Documentary Screening


UNICEF’s “End Trafficking” fact sheet states that, “human trafficking has been likened to modern-day slavery that subjects children, women, and men to force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor. This horrific practice can include prostitution, pornography, and sex tourism as well as labor for domestic service, factory or construction work, and migrant farming.”

Indeed, this is the fact no once can stay unconcerned. As Pearl Institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre) we would like to create a platform to raise awareness in the society. We would like to give a hand those in trouble by screening their difficulties and look for solutions in an open-discussion panel.

The film begins with voices speaking over a black screen, as the words “human trafficking is slavery” appear. One voice states, “I don’t use the word ‘inhuman,’ because it’s humans that do this stuff,” and another tells us that this is a “global pandemic.” Those two phrases capture the essence of the documentary, which highlights ways in which people exploit other people through labor and sex trafficking both domestically and internationally.

So we will discuss altogether the psyche of the victims as they rehabilitate, the mentality of the traffickers, the cycle of violence and the hopelessness it sometimes perpetuates, and the ways in which law enforcement and the public are combating these crimes.

There is one more way that we can take actions as well by Hong Kong Police Crime Hotline +852 2527 7177 –or you can send emails to crimepre@police.gov.hk continuing to inform yourself, training and educating others, mentoring youth, and by getting involved with one of these organizations.

* We will be hosting Mr. Matthew Friedman as a guest speaker of the event. Please click here to learn more about Mr. Frienman

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Presents: Pearl institute (Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre)

Venue: 909 CCWU Building, 302-308 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Date: 1 November 2014

Time: 18.30 – 20.30

Highlights: There will be refreshment service after the discussion

* This is a free event.


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