Genius Students from All-over the World Visited PI

Posted on 1/12/2013

Genius Students from All-over the World Visited ACDC


On 1st of December 2013, outstanding students from India to Uzbekistan and Israel to Greece as well as from about 20 other countries visited Pearl Institute )Formerly known as Anatolia Cultural & Dialogue Centre) to learn more about Turkish Culture and the Dialogue activities, its philosophical background and the underlying idea behind its events.

The group was organized by a Turkish student, Cengiz, who is studying atLi Po Chun United World College Hong Kong to introduce his culture to his friends who were from the his collage and selected as some of the genius students in their respective countries.

The event started with a screening of Documentary on Turkey and continued with the introduction of Pearl Institute’s activities and events

After these short presentations, Mr. Mehmet Soylemez (Phd Candidate in Political Science at Baptist U) shed light on the importance of the dialogue in our contemporary world. He emphasized that the dialogue is the only way to change our world to a better, peaceful and friendly place.

Later on there was a Q & A session and students had an atmosphere to peacefully discuss and exchange their thoughts and ideas on Questions raised by Mr. Soylemez.

Afterwards, students were welcomed to have some delicious refreshments which were unique of the rich Turkish Cuisine

We are thankful to the students for their visit and hope that this young generation will overcome the problems faced by the world today of disunity, ignorance and poverty with promoting dialogue, education and welfare.

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