Four theoretical Arguments for the Construction of A Global Identity

Posted on 27/1/2014

Four theoretical Arguments for the Construction of A Global Identity


This presentation argues that a global identity could be constructed through human efforts and systems interactions. The arguments are designed revolving around the four assumptions:

1) the challenges of an interdependent world upon which peoples are facing ranging from security issues to environmental crisis.

2) the possibilities or for constructing human social nature and social identity through education, communication and developed cognitions.

3) the evolution of human spirits constructions toward an ideal world upon which the national states as well as religious entities are pushing or sharing.

4) last but not least is the evidence of our human world as a self-organizational mechanism or body is taking a purposeful track for making such identity of world state come true witnessed by the increasingly integrated global economy and politics.

Dr. Zhang Quanyi is currently an associate professor of political science at Zhejiang Wanli University. He also acts as a guest researcher at the Center for the Study of Non-traditional Security and Peaceful Development at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. He obtained his doctorate degree in law from Shanghai International Studies University, He received his master’s degree from the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham in Britain. He spent eight months doing field research at Yonsei University in South Korea in 2007, under a grant from the Korea Foundation, and was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Global Conflict and Cooperation at California University in San Diego, and at Ohio State University in 2006. Dr. Zhang has published numerous articles on international relations and political psychology; He contributed column of Global Survey to United Press International Asia ( from 2007-2010. His research interest revolves around construction of collective identity and conflict management. His recent publication is: Evolution of a World State: Study of the Generation and Transformation of Global Collective Identify.

Time: 27th Jan 2014 – 7.00 – 9.00 pm

Venue: 909 C C Wu Building, 302-308 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong

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