Prince Among Slaves Screened at Pearl Institute

Posted on 26/04/2016

Prince Among Slaves Screened at Pearl Institute


Prince Among Slaves Screened at Pearl Institute

Prince Among Slaves recounts the true story of an African Muslim prince who was captured and sold into slavery in the American South. After 40 years of enslavement, he finally regained his freedom, became a national celebrity, and dined in the White House. This is an incredible story about an incredible man who endured the humiliation of slavery without ever losing his dignity or his hope for freedom.

Pearl Institute screened this great story for over 50 mins and tried to find solution to the questions with the comments of Prof. Chan and audiences.

In his comments Mr. Chan and participants tried to find solutions of the questions below;

1- When we look at our society, do you think we really took our lessons from the past? Or there is a modern slavery in our time?

2- How do we think about people? Do we consider people in different categories, do we label them with faith or race? Or we accept them all as humans and behave them equally.

3- Does slavery means only being slave? At least we have “human trafficking” problem. How can we find solutions if there is ‘modern time slavery’ ?

All audience and organizers enjoyed discussion and thanked to others for their great contributions.

After discussion, all guests welcomed to have refreshments.

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